Electronic Visualization for the Next Century

  • True Facts

    September 26, 2019

    A recent post on LinkedIn led me to write this, and it has to do with 4K video and imaging. Or, at least how marketing types have redefined it as “True” 4K or “Faux” 4K. The post in question had to do with a projector manufacturer’s 4K offerings and how other manufacturers may not be offering a “true” 4K product by comparison, calling those other products “faux” 4K (or “faux” K to be clever). That prompted more than a few comments about what “true” 4K is in the first place. One comment pointed out that the projector brand behind the original post doesn’t even have a “true” 4K imaging device in its projector, as it uses Texas Instruments’ .66” DMD with 2716x1528 micromirrors and requires image shifting to create an image with full 4K resolution. (Some irony in that?) Now, I know more than a few marketing folks in the AV industry, and they work very hard and diligently to promote their company’s products. However, sometimes they step out of ..Read more

  • All Good Things Must Come To An End…

    July 1, 2019

    It's been a great 16-year ride, but I'm shutting down HDTVexpert.com at the end of this year to pursue other interests. I'll still be contributing to Sound & Communications magazine (https://www.soundandcommunications.com/) and you can find my monthly AVent Horizon columns there. In addition, look for articles here and there on the Display Daily Web site (https://displaydaily.com/. I hope you've enjoyed perusing these pages over the years. When I started the site, HDTV was just coming into its own. Now, we're accelerating past 4K / UHDTV and 8K appears to be the next big thing. And who knows what lies beyond that? 16K? 32K? (Probably a new form of display technology that hasn't been invented yet...) Always ask better questions! (In remembrance of Chris Campbell, 1959 - 2009)..Read more