Electronic Visualization for the Next Century

  • A Trend Is A Trend – Until It Isn’t

    August 26, 2015

    A story posted on the CNET Web site for August 22 might have gone unnoticed – except that it shows that the tide is now flowing the other way when it comes to smartphones and tablets. By “tide,” I mean market forces and analyst predictions. The former is showing a decided preference for ever-larger smartphone screens, while the latter is prematurely writing the epitaph for notebook and laptop computers. When the first iPads burst onto the market, everyone had to have one. There was nothing like it, and what we know as a smartphone was still in the toddler stage, with small screens and limited ability to take photos and stream videos. Indeed; as recently as two years ago, analysts were predicting that sales of desktop PCs would eventually fizzle out and notebook computers would follow in short order. To some extent, they were right – you can now buy high-powered notebooks for less than $500, a consequence of lowered demand and an oversupply of components, including LCD ..Read more

  • “The Only Disruptive Technology at Display Week”

    July 30, 2015

    At SID Display Week, in an aisle on the show floor, I had a brief conversation with Candice Brown-Elliott, Nouvoyance CEO and creator of the Pentile Matrix pixel configuration widely used in Samsung OLED displays. She said that micro LED was the only disruptive technology she saw at Display Week. In addition to being a trusted colleague, Brown-Elliott has the rare gift of being both an insightful technical visionary and an effective engineer who doesn't mind getting her knuckles scraped and her fingernails dirty. When Brown-Elliott says a technology is disruptive, I pay attention. Just as remarkable as this technology's potentially transformative nature is that micro LEDs (or microscale LEDs or µ-ILEDs) were not well known outside the relatively small community of people who work on them before Apple acquired LuxVue last year, at which point a much wider community started scrambling to learn about them. Clearly, it would be very attractive to make phone, tablet, and TV displays ..Read more