Pete Putman teaches: Wireless AV Connectivity – It’s Here! – InfoComm 2013

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Wireless AV Connectivity: It’s Here!

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Thurs, June 13 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.


Is it really possible to ‘cut the cord,’ and make all AV connections wireless? Not yet, but we’re closer than you might think. As the wireless AV future descends, keep sharpening your skills in signal distribution. In this seminar, you will examine the technical requirements and challenges of wireless audio, video and data transmission, including minimum bit rates, compression formats, spectrum requirements and new, proprietary wireless protocols such as WHDI.

Wireless connectivity of video and audio signals has been the goal of inventors since the days of Marconi in the late 19th century. Now, with a new generation of handheld communication devices and media players, systems integrators are ready to add connectivity to their installations. And timing is perfect, as several manufacturers are now shipping or preparing to roll out wireless connectivity products for projectors, monitors and document cameras in 2013. This class will review and compare/contrast the different systems being advanced for wireless high bit rate video, including ultra wideband, WHDI, Wireless HD, and Wi-Fi (Intel WiDi, Apple AirPlay). Topics to be discussed include frequencies of operation, transmission range, modulation systems and quality of service issues. Other novel approaches to moving full HD signals with multichannel audio over wireless links will be mentioned.

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Peter Putman CTS, ISF