Electronic Visualization for the Next Century

  • On CE Week, Shoot-Outs, And Flies In The Ointment

    June 27, 2016

    Last Thursday, I made the trek up to the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City to check out the annual CE Week show. And I must say that it wasn’t nearly as valuable an experience as it was a few years ago, when the show was affiliated with the Consumer Technology Association. If my understanding is correct, CE Week was a way to keep interest stoked in the rapidly-changing world of consumer electronics. When the show first started, HDTV was a big part of the equation, with exhibitors like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and LG either showing off their latest models on the show floor, or exhibiting at nearby off-site locations. That landscape has changed considerably, thanks to the collapse in TV prices and the shift to panel manufacturing in China. Only two companies had dedicated exhibits for UHD TVs – Samsung and Westinghouse Digital – while other models were represented in the annual Value Electronics Shoot-Out in a downstairs demo room. Once arriving at t..Read more

  • A More Mobile Mobile is Coming

    March 29, 2016

    Data traffic on mobile networks will reach 367 exabytes -- that's 367x10^18 bytes or 367 billion gigabytes -- in 2020, up from 44 exabytes in 2015, according to Cisco Systems' recently released Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2015-2020. A lot of that is video, which accounted for 55% of all mobile data traffic in 2015, and will account for 75% in 2020, predicts Cisco. But significant contributions to growth are expected from automotive infotainment and mobile networks to support the Internet of Things, including connected cars, said a Cisco Global Technology Policy VP in a company blog on February 3. Auto manufacturers recognize that in-car electronic technology is now a stronger driver of sales than traditional measures of automotive performance like torque, power, straight-line acceleration, and cornering ability. Automotive connectivity is here now, of course, in such common systems as GPS navigation and ra..Read more