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SMPTE 2011 Technical Conference: Dealing with Consumer Display Interfaces in a Professional World

2011 SMPTE Technical Conference & Exhibition

3:00  PM, Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

1755 North Highland Avenue

Hollywood, CA 90028

Projection Summit 2011 at InfoComm 2011

3D Projection Technologies for the Home: A Review (Morning Session #2)

3D may be most successful at home as part of a front projection system, and not in TVs. This presentation will discuss the advantages of 3D projection and highlight some of the 3D home theater projectors now available.


Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Drive
Rooms W414 A-B-C-D
Orlando, FL 32819

Society for Information Display – Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting: CES 2011 Recap

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show rebounded nicely from the recession with over 100,000 attendees, but the focus was on practical applications and not so much razzle-dazzle. 3D and gesture recognition weren’t as big, but connected TVs and Blu-ray players were, along with over-the-top (OTT) video, smart phone apps, and next-generation home media networks. (And yes, there were a few head-scratching products, as always.)

InfoComm 2011: ISO58 Digital Video Soup to Nuts

This class will get you up and running (in a hurry!) with a comprehensive discussion of digital video, including sampling, bit rates, digital video encoding/decoding formats, SDTV vs. HDTV, multicasting, recording, storage and playback platforms such as Blu-ray and flash memory, and time-shifting vs. streaming.  You’ll also explore the concept of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), and transmission protocols and network types. (Note – this class will NOT cover digital video production.)

InfoComm 2011

ISO58: Digital Video Soup to Nuts

Orlando Convention Center

Orlando, FL

InfoComm 2011: IS011 AV Signals Gone Wireless

Yeah, I know you stream Netflix over your home media network. And you can watch YouTube videos on your smart phone. That’s kid stuff! How about uncompressed 1080p/24 Blu-ray movies flying across the room to your 55-inch TV? Or multi-channel audio that configures its sweet spot in 1/2 a second? Or a complete wireless USB docking station for your laptop that’s smart enough to turn itself off after you pack up and move away? This isn’t WiFi, my friend – its uncompressed, high-bandwidth wireless video and audio. Is it ready for the pro AV channel? Well – sort of. Come to this seminar and find out about the different standards being proposed for wireless HB connectivity. (With luck, I’ll even be able to demonstrate a couple of systems to you!)

InfoComm 2011

ISO11: AV Signals Gone Wireless

Orlando Convention Center

Orlando, FL