About Ken

KenKenneth I. Werner is the founder and Principal of Nutmeg Consultants, which specializes in the display industry, display technology, display manufacturing, and display applications. He serves as Marketing Consultant for Tannas Electronic Displays (Orange, California) and Senior Analyst for Insight Media. He is a founding co-editor of and regular contributor to Display Daily, and is a regular contributor to HDTVexpert.com and HDTV Magazine. He was the Editor of Information Display Magazine from 1987 to 2005.

Mr. Werner regularly addresses technical and trade organizations in the Americas and Asia, and is routinely consulted by financial analysts, attorneys, members of the international press corps, and companies requiring more understanding of the industry, including component sourcing and the appropriateness of particular displays and technologies for particular applications. He speaks frequently with senior corporate and technology executives of display-related companies in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, as well as government officials and academic researchers. He has been an active member of the display industry since 1987.